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It’s not the Republicans, it’s the media

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While checking out Daily Kos this morning, I came across an opinion that struck a resounding chord. The author, who calls himself Netminder Elite, contends that “Republicans aren’t the problem.” Rather, the problem is with the mainstream media and the credibility they give to Republican lies and absurdities.

“Both sides haven’t been wrong about policy,” writes Netminder. “Both sides aren’t crazy. Both sides aren’t consistently lying to the public. So let’s call out the media that keep inviting the lying crazy uncle to the dinner table.”

Netminder points to three specific errors the media make and for which liberals should hold them accountable.

1.  Media continue to seek the input of conservatives whose policies, beliefs, and actions have consistently proved to be wrong in the past. Such people don’t qualify as “trustworthy” authorities, and they shouldn’t be given the publicity that implies they do.

2. Media are failing to do their research and to challenge conservatives when they lie or are wrong. “There are no consequences for lying, and the media continue to allow that,” says Netminder.

3. Media adhere too closely, and often incorrectly, to “both-sides-erism.” “The American public doesn’t need a fair and balanced debate on something that is fact,” says Netminder. The media shouldn’t be giving equal time to conservatives claiming, for example, that health care isn’t working or climate change doesn’t exist, when the facts clearly prove otherwise. “Both sides aren’t equivalent, and the media should be harassed if they report them as such.”

Netminder concludes by saying that liberals “already know about Republican depravity. The media are responsible to tell the masses that don’t. [Liberals] expend endless energy on calling out conservative craziness, while our mainstream news outlets should be the ones expending that energy. And when they don’t? We need to call them out ourselves and force action toward change on that level.”

You must admit, he’s got a good point.






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A lifelong communicator, I'm pretty sure I came out of the womb talking. But with no siblings to chat and play with, I learned to express myself in writing. My subsequent birth as a politics junkie came while I watched my father, a career Marine, sob uncontrollably over Kennedy's assassination. Intuitively, I knew the world would never be the same, and I should pay attention. So I did.

Now, some 50 years later, I find myself dumbfounded by the trajectory of American politics and the prevalence of ignorance, bigotry, hate, and violence. I started Two Cents of Sense, hoping to help change that trajectory and to promote progressives' conversation, knowledge sharing, and actions.

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