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What the New World Order really, really means

The symbol of the New World Order—an all-seeing eye set above a pyramid—is used on the U.S. dollar bill.
The symbol of the New World Order—an all-seeing eye set above a pyramid—appears on the U.S. dollar bill.

All the talk these days of a new world order is largely misguided—especially when the Right is doing the talking. But even many moderates and progressives are ill-informed on what the term actually represents.

Over the last 100 years, numerous politicians have used “new world order” to define and justify a new direction in domestic government or foreign policy or both. In truth, however, the New World Order (NWO) is a worldwide conspiracy being orchestrated by a small group of incomprehensibly wealthy people whose secret influence is vast. Members of the NWO include royal families, corporate elites, and major political players.

Leaders of the NWO want to create a one-world government, stripped of nationalistic and regional boundaries and obedient to the leaders’ agenda. Their goals are driven by the basest of intentions: to acquire and consolidate ever greater wealth and natural resources and to gain total political power and control over the world’s peoples.

One major way the NWO leaders achieve their agenda is through the skillful manipulation of human emotions—especially fear. What most people believe to be “public opinion” is, in reality, carefully crafted and scripted propaganda designed to elicit a desired behavioral response from the public.

The sheer magnitude and complexity of the deceit surrounding the NWO is mind-boggling. Even the most astute among us react with disbelief and skepticism at the suggestion of a conspiracy, unaware that those reactions may have been manipulated by institutional and media influences.

Today, many people believe the concept of a new world order is fairly recent. But, according to NWO theorists, most of the major wars, political upheavals, and economic depressions/recessions of the past 100 years (and earlier) were carefully planned and instigated by NWO leaders.

Consider the economic upheaval we face under the new Republican-controlled government. Right now, the Party plans to drastically alter Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid funding, asserting the money to keep the programs operating isn’t there. In fact, all social benefit programs are unsustainable according to Republicans. But it’s not too hard to see that assertion as just a bunch of hooey designed to increase elites’ wealth and keep everyone else in fear for their basic survival.

We see it all the time. Wars are fought for the elite, defense budgets are set for the elite, regulations are erased for the elite. Billions of dollars are given to oil and pharmaceutical companies whose wealth is already staggering. Yet there’s just no way to fund social programs that benefit real people.

That profoundly illogical conclusion has been hyped by years of propaganda from fake news sources. It’s been sustained by telling the Right that “liberal” elites are solely to blame for all the country’s social and financial woes. What an incredible political coup! Could it possibly have happened without the secret manipulation of a group like the NWO?

Whether the NWO really exists may always be questionable, and numerous essays declare its existence and agenda are not even possible. One group that seeks to debunk rampant conspiracy theories is Common Sense Conspiracy. It deems the New World Order as “one of the conspiracy theories that we lend the most credence too.”

True or not, one thing is abundantly clear. In voting for Trump, his supporters foresaw a new world order of dramatic financial change. And they seem to think it will happen by Trump handling our foreign policy like a business transaction. But if Trump is just another puppet of the conspiratorial NWO, then we are right to worry about his favoring of Vladimir Putin. The Russian leader is well ahead of Trump in carrying out the NWO’s plan. The only question is whether the group prefers one country over the other. Who, its members must be asking, will best deliver the most control over the people of the world?



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A lifelong communicator, I'm pretty sure I came out of the womb talking. But with no siblings to chat and play with, I learned to express myself in writing. My subsequent birth as a politics junkie came while I watched my father, a career Marine, sob uncontrollably over Kennedy's assassination. Intuitively, I knew the world would never be the same, and I should pay attention. So I did.

Now, some 50 years later, I find myself dumbfounded by the trajectory of American politics and the prevalence of ignorance, bigotry, hate, and violence. I started Two Cents of Sense, hoping to help change that trajectory and to promote progressives' conversation, knowledge sharing, and actions.

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